3D+ Innovations

At tec3d we work hard to develop innovative 3D products to offer to our clients on all types of static architectural visualisation and 3D animation projects:

Virtual Reality


Using real-time professional game engines we can build you a fully explorable immersive 3D world for any site or building interior.

These are ideal for larger sites - allowing your clients to inspect the layout and all the crucial design details at their own pace.




360° Panoramic Images


This is one of the standard CGI products that sets tec3d apart from the rest.

Our 360° panoramas allow whole developments to be viewed via an interactive 3D real time image file. Available for a nominal fee on all standard 3D architectural visualisation projects.


3D Anaglyph Images


All images and animations can alslo be transformed into an immersive 3D experience. Perfect for a site office or brochure to convey the experience of being within you development.

Contact us to request a free pair of 3D glasses!